Summer School at Our House – Summer Fit Learning Books

As far as Summer School goes we don’t do a ton of school in the summer.  We do a Family School lesson twice a week, and then I have them work on something, such as math or grammar, once a day, unless we have a busy day then we bag it all and enjoy our summer days with friends and family.  We have had a busy summer, sometimes we have been a little bored, but we make due and create fun!  We are out of town this week with family and are having a blast!

A couple of years ago I saw these fun Summer Fit learning books.  The main reason I like these books is they have such great lesson in them to help the kids have a “Fit Brain, Fit Body, Fit Values” over the summer. They have your regular math and grammar and stuff like that, but they also have wonderful stories in them teaching great morals and values.  They also have, at the end of each lesson, a Fit Body section that has to do with exercise and getting outside!  They are divided up into 10 sections, for the 10 weeks of summer
Here is how the website explains how to use the book.

The first seven sections review the materials taught in the grade the child is leaving, while the final three sections preview the year ahead.  Each section begins with an overview of the upcoming week, as well as an incentive calendar to keep your child engaged. The weekly sections are each comprised of 10 pages of activities. While the pace is ultimately up to you and your child, the workbook is designed for the student to spend 20-30 minutes a day to complete two pages. Each week, your child’s basic academic skills are reinforced, along with character building, social skills, and healthy habits. The workbooks also promote physical fitness through exercise and play.

My daughter got to review the 5-6 Summer fit book and is enjoying it! Check out their website for some great tips, quotes fun!  found hereLike Summer Fit Learning on Facebook or Follow them on Twitter.  also check out their YouTube video found Here!



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