Freshly Picked Moccasins – Review & Giveaway

Have you seen these adorable Freshly Picked Moccasins?


I remember seeming them on Shark Tank in January and was so impressed by Susan’s Story.  What a true entrepreneur.

These adorable moccasins are made of suede or leather for babies or toddlers. They have a ton of awesome colors and are not just cute but well made and practical.  They have an elastic hidden band around the opening that make them super easy to slide their foot right into and also makes it so they won’t fall off while they are wearing them.

They were adorably packaged which is always a plus! They came in the cutest little white muslin drawstring bag that had the Freshly Print Logo on it with an FP pin!

I got the cutest camo pair for my little 3 year old.  He absolutely loves them and wears them EVERYWHERE!  They have held up very well, and when they get dirty they wipe off really well!

I was so excited when they offered to let me review and do a giveaway on these cutest Mocs!  I know one of my lucky readers is going to love these for their sweet baby.




For those that just can’t wait to get a pair you can purchase the moccasins on their website.  They also have a Size Guidewhich I totally recommend printing it and measuring their foot.  It is VERY true to the size on the paper if you want exact fit.  My 3 year old got a size 6 and they go up to size 10 so they will fit even older toddlers!




The Giveaway will end at 12:00 PM on the 26th so hurry and enter!!

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* Shipping is only free for US residents. International winners will be subject to shipping charges. You can still enter the giveaway but keep that in mind :-)
** To be eligible for this giveaway, you cannot have won a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins within the last 60 days


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