A Baby Story…

I have to say this 4th seemed like my longest pregnancy of them all. Going through all the holidays and the cold winter and crazy spring. I got a little anxious at the end and started to become a little impatient, especially when people would say “wow, you look like you are going to pop!”, or “at least it’s just your belly that’s really big” And my hips felt like they were going to fall apart. I was SO ready to have this baby out. Now that I look back I was able to make it to everything that was important to me, and in the end the day I had him ended up being a blessing because they had just lifted the restriction of no kids in the hospital the day before I had him. I didn’t even know they had that still going. My kids would have been so sad. :)

So now onto the story of #4…

Leading up to Labor…

At my 36 week apt I was dilated to a 2+ and 80%. I came home thinking holy cow this baby could come anytime. I was so nervous every night I went to bed. All my labors have been a little different so I was nervous how it would happen.

With LaLa I had contractions one evening, then my water broke and I went to the hospital and had her a week early.

With Cowboy, 2 weeks before my due date, I had gone on a long walk and had a few contractions before I went to bed and then woke up in full on labor bleeding and thinking I was going to die. I made it to the hospital and was at a 7+. Got my epidural after having tons of pain and had him in about 2 hours.

And with Jack Jack, I was at a 4 and 100% for a week. My water seemed to be leaking so they induced me 2+ weeks early.

So I really had no clue. My doctor kept telling that when I go I will go fast. So I was nervous. At 38 weeks I felt like it was okay to start doing some of the things to try to get you to go into labor, but nothing seemed to be working. One Friday {two weeks before I was due I had about 2 hours of pains and totally thought it was time, but then they went away. I was okay because I still had a couple things I wanted to get done. But then that whole next week I felt nothing. So at 39 weeks {Tuesday the 17th} I went in and my Dr. congratulated me for keeping this baby in the longest. I He checked me and I was at a 4+ almost 5 and 90%. He told me if I came to the hospital like that they would check me in. So I was so nervous my water would break any second that whole day.  Thursday came around and I got moving, I walked and didn’t sit down much at home.  I went Curb Walking {a technical term for walking on the side walk with one foot in the gutter with the other up on the sidewalk..lol} and then went and jumped on my neighbors trampoline for a second.  {Not comfortable and don’t recommend it!  Then we put the kids to bed and I sat on the couch watching Little House {The one where Caroline has a baby}.  I started having some pains so I decided to get my phone out and time them. They hurt, but almost like cramps and not horrible. I had had a bunch of pains in the night the night before, but nothing strong enough to go in. I felt like that would happen, like I could just go to bed, but I was to nervous to go to bed. It was around 11:30 and I just thought I would stay up, I didn’t want to wake up in horrible labor . Around 12:00 {midnight} I noticed they were coming about 5-7 min apart and were lasing about 30 seconds.  The weird thing was they really didn’t hurt to bad. I had a couple that hurt my back pretty good, but nothing like I have had with my other kids. No screaming and wanting my epidural so bad.  At around 12:30 I had a good strong contraction and decided we should probably go in. I didn’t want to give birth on the side of the road. So off we went!!!

Labor and Delivery…

I didn’t have a pain the whole way there, I was so surprised. I prayed, hoping I could get though this. Labor always scares me. I thought well maybe I am at a 5 or 6, when I get there I can just rest after I get my epidural. Ha Ha little did I know. I got changed had one small contraction and they checked me and said I was at an 8+ and ready to go once my water was broken. I about died. An 8, are you kidding me? When I had Cowboy and arrived at a 7+ I was SCREAMING and hurting so bad, but an 8? I was in shock that I wasn’t in more pain. I did feel the contractions, and don’t get me wrong they hurt, but like bad cramps, It just felt like a ton of pressure. They walked me down the hall to my room and hooked me up to some monitors and the nurse came in and talked to me about going with out an epidural. I looked at her like “NO WAY” I have never really prepared myself for it. This whole pregnancy I thought it would be amazing to go with out, but I knew what 7+ contractions felt like and I remembered I didn’t want to hurt that bad. She said she was surprised how I was dealing with my contractions and having it be my 4th child she knew I could do it.

My nurses both told me I could do it, but that they could give me an epidural if I really wanted it. I looked at my hubby, with fear in my eyes and sweetness in his, and he said “you’ve always wanted to know what it was like, you can do it and I will help you.” So I looked at the nurse and said “alright, I can do this, will you help me” {and seriously thought back to watching little house and thought “well if Caroline Ingalls did it, I can do it” ha ha!} They were both so excited, and I felt really peaceful about my decision.  They put the lowest amount of pitosin in me to make my contractions stronger, still I didn’t feel a ton of pain.  My doctor got there and broke my water.  I got to a 9 and the pain got stronger but I was able to breath through the pain pretty well.  I laid on my side and just closed my eyes with the pains and breathed through each one. The nurse checked me and told me to do a couple of pushes.  My doctor came in and said it’s not time to push yet and asked me if I felt like it was time. I said no, I didn’t feel like the baby was low enough. I waited for about 2 contractions and then DROP! I felt tons of pain and pressure and screamed out. Dr. walked back into the room fast and got ready. I had strong contractions coming now and asked jokingly for an epidural.  I could tell the baby was ready. The nurse talked me through each contraction and helped me breath through it. I pushed through two contractions and could feel the head.  I was so tired and in pain at this time I wanted to quit. I guess the cord was around his neck. I said “this hurts so bad” The nurses had said something about a “ring of fire” and I could totally understand it a burning feeling that hurt. This happens when then baby is crowning. Then it just felt kind of numb and I was so exhausted. I started to fight to put my legs down, but my Dr. looked at me with the most concerned eyes and said “You can’t stop now, just one more push and then no more pain” I said “You promise” They all started chuckling and said “Yes”. One more push and the shoulders came out which hurt the worst and then it was all over. “It’s a boy” they exclaimed, and I just started bawling in amazement.  It was so surreal. I felt empowered.  I couldn’t believe it. I had done it.  Then I felt like, we had done it.  Me and this little man.  I am sure his pain was there to.  It can’t be to comfy going through all that for the baby.  I held him and they wiped him clean and put a diaper on him and I nursed him.  He did so well. And guess who cut the umbilical cord….YUP me!

Now after talking to some people about natural labor, I was very blessed with my pain. A nurse I talked to later said it might have been “silent labor” I think my pains near a 9 were pretty painful, but they definitely were dulled compared to when I had my other kids.  I have always wanted to know what if felt like to have the baby natural, but was so afraid of the pain. I think this was Gods gift to me to know what it was like, by shortening my pain. I was and am so grateful I was able to do it. It’s hard to find Dr’s. And nurses who support it, and I am not “natural” enough to have a midwife or doula. I like having a Dr. and nurses and being in the hospital.  I was blessed with a great team that if I hadn’t had I could not have done it. They all {My husband, nurses, mom, and Dr.}helped me SO much, along with a higher power :)IMG_9100

So I entered the hospital at 1:12a.m. and had him at 2:12 a.m.. He weighed in at 8 lbs. 8 oz. and was 21” long.  My biggest baby ever.   And I did it without an epidural.  Not sure I would ever choose to do that again, but I did it that day and it was an amazing experience! 

I was nervous how LaLa would react.  She so desperately wanted the baby to be a girl. When she walked in and Cowboy said “is it a boy?”  I said “what do you guys think”  He said “boy” and I said “yup”!  LaLa made a sad face at first, but then looked at him and said “he is so cute and sweet”   I think he melted her heart like he did mine.  I sure love being a mom!  He is such a sweet little man.  What a blessing babies are!


{The baby does have a name, finally, but on this blog I haven’t decided on his name so for now he is just #4!}


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    Hey, you did it. Congrats. I always felt a better high after my deliveries without the epidural. I had one c-section, three with no pain meds, and one epidural. I must say I am glad I know what it is all about. Sweet baby time.

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